Dried fruit without sugar

Dried fruit is the food par excellence if you’re looking for a healthy and tasty alternative to industrial treats full of sugar and unhealthy fatteners. At YallaYum, we use high-quality, 100% natural berries and whole fruits for our dried fruit, which are freeze-dried after harvesting and thus preserved – without having to resort to additives such as sugar or preservatives. Find out in this article which dried fruits without sugar are really available and what makes the popular dried fruits from YallaYum so healthy and versatile.

Why are dried fruits from YallaYum so healthy?

With YallaYum you benefit from all the positive properties that fruit brings to a balanced diet. In addition to the intensely fruity aroma of pure berries and fruits, our freeze-dried mangos, raspberries, pineapples & Co. retain all vitamins and minerals. This makes our dried fruits the ideal companion if you are looking for a healthy, tasty and completely natural energy kick without added sugar, which nevertheless satisfies your craving for sweets. Simply put, with a delivery from YallaYum you get long-lasting fruit that contains all the benefits of fresh items in concentrated form.

Sweet & healthy: no loss of vitamins & minerals

Freeze-dried fruits are berries and fruits from which all water is removed after harvesting. Since the gentle freeze-drying process leaves all other ingredients of the fresh products untouched, vitamins and minerals also remain in the dried fruit. YallaYum dried fruit is therefore a healthy snack that satisfies the craving for sweets through the fructose alone!

While ripe, fruity-sweet strawberries and raspberries can provide your daily intake of vitamin C and vitamin B, our dried coconut chips are the perfect source of magnesium and calcium. Meanwhile, freeze-dried pineapple with its tropical flavor helps balance iron and iodine intake, while biotin from sweet-tart mango can support your metabolism.

Dried fruit without sugar does not exist!

Here we must first distinguish between artificial sugar & sugar substitutes vs. natural fructose, which is generally found naturally in fresh fruit.

As already mentioned, our freeze-dried fruits contain – apart from the water – everything that can also be found in fresh fruit. Even the natural fructose of fruits and berries cannot be eliminated during drying, which makes our products not “sugar-free”, but completely natural and, above all, especially delicious.

For us at YallaYum it is important to sell healthy and versatile products that contribute to a balanced diet. Therefore, we can assure you that our dried fruits and fruit mixes are completely free of artificial sugars. At YallaYum, the pleasant and natural sweetness that tantalizes your taste buds comes solely from the harvested fruit itself.

100% dried fruits without artificial ingredients & industrial sugar

The fact that we focus on pure nature with our dried fruits is of course not only the case with the renunciation of industrial sugar. The gentle drying process preserves berries and fruits in a completely natural way – so you can enjoy the fruit of your choice for at least 2-3 months without artificial preservatives or additives. The natural fructose alone ensures that you can enjoy delicious fruit all year round and in every season.

At the same time, not only are the contents and taste of our fruits completely natural; the shape and colors are also preserved by the gentle drying process, and in some cases become even more intense; so you get food that couldn’t be more similar to its original form.

Freeze drying preserves natural fructose & vitamins

In order to preserve 100% flavor, sweetness, all vitamins and intense colors of whole fruits and berries, our fruit is freeze-dried. This is done by freezing ripe, freshly harvested and organically grown fruit – as you may already know, freezing food preserves the most minerals and vitamins.

Gentle processes are also used in the subsequent drying process to preserve all the benefits of these tasty vitamin bombs. With the help of a vacuum, all water is extracted from the fruit, which has turned into ice as a result of the previous freezing process.

Difference sugar content dried fruit vs. fresh fruit

Since the fresh fruit loses a lot of weight due to the removal of water, one serving of our YallaYum dried fruit is obtained from 5 to 10 times the original weight of fresh fruit. This also means that the sugar content of 100 grams of dried fruit is greater than that of 100 grams of fresh fruit and berries; especially for diabetics, this information is important in order to use our product as a beneficial alternative to sweets and to refine desserts.YallaYum

The high fructose content, despite its purely natural origin, is also the reason for the medium Nutri Score that some of our products have. However, you should not forget that the vitamins and valuable nutrients of the sweet fruits are also significantly more concentrated than is the case with the same weight of fresh fruit.

How much sugar is in fruits & berries?

You have already learned that fruit is not exactly low in sugar by nature. Dried fruit in particular contains “more” sugar than fresh fruit, depending on its weight. Nevertheless, dried fruit is an ideal alternative to sweets, and as long as you stick to moderate portions, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight from dried fruit.

In addition to the right amount, you can also pay attention to a lower sugar content when choosing the type of fruit. For a better overview, we would like to compare the fructose content of fresh and freeze-dried fruits below.

Fruit varietyFructose-
100 g
content per
100 g (freeze-
strawberry5,5 g47 g
raspberry4,8 g30 g
Blueberry7,4 g38 g
sour cherry4,7 g63 g
apple5,7 g66 g
banana17 g69 g
pineapple13 g51 g
mango13 g79 g
Fig16 g67 g

The fact that some dried fruit varieties contain more or less fructose than fresh fruit with the same sugar content is partly due to the fact that the exact fructose content of fresh fruit varies greatly and is related, for example, to the variety and ripeness of the fruit.

Secondly, not all fruits can have the same amount of water removed during drying; mangoes, for example, contain more water than bananas. Thus, the dried fruit also contains more sugar per 100 g than the same weight of dried banana, although the fresh banana has a higher sugar content compared to the fresh mango!

Properly dose freeze-dried fruits & berries

Like most products, dried fruit needs to be dosed properly to be a healthy addition to your diet. Since fruits in general – but especially dried fruits – naturally contain a lot of fructose, they should not be consumed as a main meal or main component of a meal.

Remember that 100 grams of dried fruit are obtained from about 500 to 1,000 grams of fresh fruit and thus contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals – but also just as much natural sugar. To be able to use YallaYum dried fruit in recipes, you should accordingly stick to the number of berries and fruits and not to the specified weight of fresh fruit. This way, the ratio of sugar and calories remains the same.

What can dried fruit be used for?

Dried fruit is versatile and can in principle be eaten in the same way as fresh fruit. Our dried fruit is particularly popular as an ingredient in homemade muesli; oat or whole grain flakes, nuts and freeze-dried fruits of your choice provide a perfect start to the day and keep you full for a long time.

Due to the high fructose content, you can use dried fruits from YallaYum as a substitute for muesli with added sugar; a handful of dried raspberries or banana chips gives muesli, quark dishes, yogurts & Co. a pleasant sweetness and a fruity flavor. Choose between different varieties of pure dried fruit or opt for one of our tasty fruit blends to bring a little more variety into your breakfast.

In addition to being an integral part of your morning cereal, our dried fruit is also the perfect snack for in-between meals. This way you satisfy your appetite for sweets and choose an alternative to unhealthy chocolate or fruit gums, which contain large amounts of industrial sugar. All our articles are checked for first-class organic quality before delivery. They contain no artificially added ingredients, which makes them the ideal candy alternative for your kids.

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